Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Foundational Elements of a Successful Wellness Program

A successful corporate wellness program starts with an engaged workforce and consistent participation. There are three foundational steps to building a successful program that will encourage employee engagement:

1.)  Strong support from upper management: The goal is to have a wellness mindset established at the top level in a company which filters down to have a positive impact on all levels of employees. This gives each employee the sense that he or she is a valued asset of the company.

2.)  Educating employees: It is extremely important to educate employees about wellness and fitness, especially to reach the non-wellness segment of the workforce. The sedentary population will be the most challenging to engage, so it is important to have the necessary educational materials available. The non-wellness segment of the workforce must be educated to understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and how to make the changes necessary to accomplish this goal.

3.)  Offering incentives for participation: Incentives are a fundamental element necessary to engage employees in a wellness program. These can be tailored to the workforce in consideration and can range from cash, prizes or free lunches; to half-day Fridays or dress down days. Being incentivized for performance tends to keep participation consistent.
Although there are other considerations, these three elements are an integral part of a successful program. A happy, healthy workforce is of vital importance for your company.For additional information, contact us as info@factsfitness.com.
Written by Deborah MacArthur, ISSA, AAAI/ISMA, Director of Marketing, FACTS Fitness

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Water Is Important

Water is ranked second only to oxygen as essential for life. Your overall body weight is 2/3 water. A person can survive about two months without food, but only a few days without water. Every system in your body depends on water to function. Water is essential to your body's temperature regulation, keeping it cool through perspiration. It flushes out toxins and wastes. Also is a major component of blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to and from all cells.

Additionally, water provides a moist environment for all body tissues. It is the major component of saliva and mucous which lubricates the membranes that line our digestive system beginning with the mouth. Mucous membranes in the nose and eyes function better when well hydrated. It cushions joints and protects tissues and organs like the brain from shock and damage. Water helps maintain a healthy weight. It is hard to distinguish between hunger and thirst. If you feel hungry, drink some water first and then reassess your hunger status. Each day your body can lose 2-3 quarts of water through sweat, urination, excretion and breathing.

The body loses even more water if you exercise, live in hot or dry climates, consume high fiber diets, and consume caffeine or alcohol. It is recommended to drink 8-10 cups of fluid a day. So don't wait till your thirsty, you may already be dehydrated.

Post written by Michael Massafra, Training Director, FACTS Fitness