Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Suggestions to Establish Corporate Fitness for Your Workforce

There are some basic activities that you can start in your company that will get your employees interested in starting a healthy lifestyle:

1.) Distribute a newsletter with fitness and healthy living information to educate your employees.

2.) Have those employees who are enthusiastic about the wellness initiative encourage coworkers to join in.

3.) Reimburse or subsidize employees gym memberships, group fitness registrations, etc.

4.) Offer employees flex time options to encourage participation in fitness activities.

5.) Be the leader! Top management set the tone for the company culture regarding fitness & wellness initiatives!

Written by Deborah MacArthur, Director of Markeing, FACTS Fitness

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs

The overall objective of a Corporate Fitness/Wellness program is to create an environment within the company of fitness and healthy living. Companies who have a Corporate Fitness program will experience many benefits including:

1.) Savings on Healthcare costs
2.) Increased productivity
3.) Decreased absenteeism
4.) Fit employees have more energy and are more focused
5.) Better coping skills
6.) More positive attitudes
7.) Your company will attract new workers who are dedicated to fitness
8.) Lower incidences of chronic sicknesses

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