Friday, March 25, 2011

CFITS: Corporate Wellness IT Solutions

A cutting edge way to engage employees in a corporate wellness program is through technology. This concept will transform corporate wellness programming. By combining social media and fitness you will open up numerous avenues for employees to engage and participate in your company wellness program as well with coworkers. This will bridge the gap between the physical fitness facility and your employees.

With the blend of social media and fitness, your employees can communicate with each other online which will create team building, bonding and even healthy competition. Each participating employee will have access to online nutrition, health and fitness tools. This electronic tool includes educational health and fitness blogs, networking with colleagues, forums, and a comprehensive calendar of healthy events within the company community. This type of platform will tie together the entire corporate wellness program through open communication between coworkers, education, rewards and incentives.

Your corporate wellness program will become a desired commodity within the company which will encourage the engagement and participation necessary to drive results and eventually the ROI the company is looking for from the investment. For additional information, call 610-355-3236 or email