Friday, September 30, 2011

Health and Fitness Expert Kimberly Garrison Joins FACTS Fitness

FACTS Fitness is proud to announce that health and wellness expert Kimberly Garrison, is joining our team as Director of Fitness and Wellness.

Kimberly is one of the nation's most sought-after fitness, health, and wellness experts. She has over 20 years expertise in the fitness, health and wellness industry and is the owner of One on One Ultimate Fitness, LLC. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, a health and wellness columnist, and a spokes model for national brands. As Director of Fitness and Wellness for Motivation Fitness, Kimberly will be focusing on the growth of our wellness coaching and corporate fitness services.

Kimberly is the legendary fitness columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, hosted the “Girlfriends’ Locker Room” web site, and hosted the Philly Fitness & Health pod cast. She can be seen regularly on NBC's 10! Show, Fox 29, CN8's Your Morning, CBS 3 News, 48 Update, WYBE’s Shades of Opinion. Her articles have also appeared in Philadelphia Metro Newspaper, Global Fit Magazine, Club Life Magazine, Premier Brides, PhillyFit Magazine, Real Health Magazine and she is quoted often in Black America Web, Philly Style Magazine, PhillyFit Magazine, Cosmo Girl, Pink Magazine, and Heart & Soul Magazine. “I am delighted to join Motivation Fitness with its outstanding reputation for excellence, vision, and exciting brand innovation. I look forward to working closely with Tom Fenstermacher, Ian Savitz and the entire Facts Fitness team and to continue the company’s tradition of innovation and excellence, said Kimberly.”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting Your Employess to Engage in a Wellness Program

The first step in creating a successful wellness program is the support of management. Once you have strong management support for the corporate wellness program, you will have to plan how to engage employees in the program. As you plan your wellness program, it is important to keep in mind that you need a variety of options to offer the workforce. Below are a few suggestions to encourage employee engagement. You may also come up with an original idea that will speak specifically to your workforce:
Education: By educating your employees, especially the sedentary or non-wellness population, you can draw them into the program. This is a vital part of any successful health and wellness program. The sedentary population of your workforce needs to know and understand the many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and how to make those changes. This will be the most challenging group to reach, but once you do it will be the most rewarding.
Incentives: Depending upon the culture of your company this can be a fundamental method to engage your employees in a wellness program, especially when the incentive is monetary. But keep in mind that this can also provide a temporary motivation when the goal is to create long term positive behavioral changes.
On-site fitness professional: Whether you have a fitness center within your company or not, you can hire someone to perform fitness assessments, personal training or to teach classes. This shows each employee that you are serious about the wellness programming. Having a fitness professional on-site also gives your employees a resource for health and fitness information, support and motivation.

Once an employee engages in wellness and fitness programming, he or she will feel better about life and work. The employee will exhibit a more positive outlook regarding work product and the work environment. There is a two-way benefit for the employee and the company. A win-win, if you will.