Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Common Sense Weight Loss (Part 2)

Eating Habits 101
What fill you up more: a one pound brick with no calories or one pound of potato chips containing 5000 calories?

Answer: The BRICK!

It is food density that curbs your appetite NOT caloric value. Pick foods high in density and low calories and you will find that you will eat less.

High Density Low Calorie Foods
1. Water, H20, Agua
2. Lean Meats
3. High Fiber Foods
4. Fruits/Vegetables
5. Unprocessed Starches

FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY! Fat in moderation is high in density and good for you as well!

Eat slowly…..Your stomach has a lag time to the brain of about 15 minutes. Many of us overeat due to not allowing the stomach enough time to communicate with the brain to say “I’m FULL”.

Know what a serving size is and what your daily servings are per food group. Knowing one without the other is useless. For example, it is OK to have a serving of pasta at a restaurant, but realize that you just had 5 of your 8 servings of starch for the day! It is far easier to count servings than to count calories.

Do not become consumed with counting servings either. Simply think about where your servings are when you are about three quarters of the way through your day, and eat accordingly from there.

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Watch for our next post about incorporating exercise for healthy weight loss.

Written by Tom Fenstermacher, Owner and President of FACTS Fitness.