Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make New Habits Permanent

Set your goal and go for It: Know exactly what you want...improve health, lose weight, gain strength etc. Make sure goals are specific and measurable.  Write down what needs to happen along with dates and review this often.

Set both long term and short term goals: Reaching certain goals can take longer than others. To stay motivated, be sure to set realistic short term goals that will lead you to your final goal. Develop a plan and brainstorm strategies to keep you moving closer to that goal.

Reward Yourself: Be sure to attach a reward to each part of your goal. Select small rewards for short term goals (going to the movies, new clothing etc.). Plan bigger rewards (vacation, buying new furniture etc.) for long term goals.

Track Your Lifestyle Habits:Keep a daily log of what you eat and feelings that contribute to your food choices. Many people do not realize how negative feelings and thoughts can trigger emotional eating and bad food choices. Keeping a log of this will help you make better choices.

Talk Yourself Into Success: It is perfectly natural to talk to yourself! What you say is very important. Be your own cheerleader! Self talk is critical to changing your lifestyle habits! Your thoughts will directly change your attitude and overall feelings of well being. This will keep you focused and help you succeed!!

So set those goals and get ready to succed!!

Written by Jennifer Washburn, Personal Trainer and Instructor at Steel Fitness in Bethlehem, PA

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