Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do You Know Your Trainer?

Do you know your trainer? Fitness professionals get a bad rap at times, and most of the time they’ve earned it. There are many trainers out there that are more interested in their self gratification rather than taking care what is most important, the client.

As I have observed trainers with their clients, I’ve noticed that there are two types of trainers. There is the one who stands there looking disinterested and distracted. They may have their arms crossed and are not engaging the client in conversation, and even more important they are not correcting the form of their client.

Then there is a 2ndtype of trainer, the fitness professional. One that looks the part, and is engaging with the client to be sure that each step of the way the client is using proper form. This trainer is standing a sports stance ready to help the client focused on their client and having a conversation.

I sometimes ask why some trainers got into this profession. You should ask yourself the same thing if your trainer is like the 1st type of trainer, or if they are more like the 2nd type of trainer that I described. If so, then they are well worth the money you invested in your health and fitness. You will have a great workout and experience the results you desire.

Post Written by Michael Massafra, Fitness Director, FACTS Fitness

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